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Comments for Kashmira Sheth's http://kashmirasheth.com/blog Author Blog Tue, 25 Oct 2016 19:46:36 +0000 hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 Comment on BOYS WITHOUT NAMES by Kashmira http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/boys-without-names/#comment-19012 Kashmira Tue, 25 Oct 2016 19:46:36 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=54#comment-19012 Boys Without Names is about 320 pages.

Comment on Only pictures allowed… by Kashmira http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/only-pictures-allowed/#comment-19011 Kashmira Tue, 25 Oct 2016 19:45:42 +0000 http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/?p=272#comment-19011 Thanks for letting me know that you are enjoying Monsoon Afternoon.

Comment on Only pictures allowed… by Year 2 Boobook Owls http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/only-pictures-allowed/#comment-15643 Year 2 Boobook Owls Wed, 05 Aug 2015 01:46:46 +0000 http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/?p=272#comment-15643 We are learning about Asian Literature. We loved learning about India by reading Monsoon Afternoon. Thank you

Comment on BOYS WITHOUT NAMES by Chloe http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/boys-without-names/#comment-15510 Chloe Mon, 27 Jul 2015 15:37:54 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=54#comment-15510 How many pages?

Comment on Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet: New Reviews by Kashmira http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/koyal_dark_mang/#comment-14855 Kashmira Mon, 25 May 2015 20:53:42 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=82#comment-14855 Hi Mohini,

Thank you for letting e me know how much you liked Koyal Dark and are doing a project on it. Mohini is a lovely name and she is one of my favorite characters in this story.

Comment on Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet: New Reviews by Mohini http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/koyal_dark_mang/#comment-14548 Mohini Sun, 03 May 2015 20:56:05 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=82#comment-14548 hi, i love this book i read it along time ago and now am doing a presentation on it. i can relate to the jeeta character a lot because of the sharp tongue.
what would you say is the main theme of the book?

Comment on Blue Jasmine by Kashmira http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/blue_jasmine/#comment-13492 Kashmira Thu, 19 Mar 2015 14:47:37 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=87#comment-13492 Rosemary, I am so sorry the old link doesn’t work.
Here is a new link for the discussion guide.

If you have problem please send me your postal address at ksheth@tds.net and I will send you a guide. Thanks, Kashmira

Comment on Blue Jasmine by Rosemary Farrell http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/blue_jasmine/#comment-13343 Rosemary Farrell Thu, 12 Mar 2015 03:17:15 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=87#comment-13343 I would greatly appreciate the discussion questions to share on higher level thinking with my challenge reading group as we enjoy and understand Blue Jasmine!
Thank you!

Comment on A Snapshot of Kashmira by Elise Brown http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/a_snapshot_of_k/#comment-10640 Elise Brown Tue, 11 Mar 2014 23:21:01 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=91#comment-10640 Kashmira Sheth,

Thank you so much for getting back to us so quickly! AND for answering all of our questions!

We are actually reading as many of your books as possible! My partner for the project and I were assigned you as an author and will share your books with our class as well as talk about you as a writer. We have a limited time to prepare so I won’t be able to read as many as I would like but will share the information about each book with my classmates. I am so grateful for your response as it is exactly what we need for the project!

If you have time to get back to me I have some more questions. Do you get paid for your school visits and Skype visits? If so, how much do you charge? How far have you traveled for a school visit?

After reading some of your books I have realized that the names of many of your characters in your stories are from your personal life. Is this because you base the character off of the people in your life? Or do you just like to incorporate the people you know into your stories?

Also through our research we learned that you moved from India to Ames and attended Iowa State University. Why did you choose Iowa State? Your character in Blue Jasmine is based off of your experience moving to the United States. Why did you move the character to Iowa City instead of Ames? This story is especially interesting as both my partner and myself are from Iowa City and of course all of our classmates live in Iowa City currently.

Thank you again, we greatly enjoy your books and look forward to sharing them with the rest of our class!


Elise Brown

Comment on A Snapshot of Kashmira by Kashmira http://kashmirasheth.com/blog/a_snapshot_of_k/#comment-10595 Kashmira Fri, 07 Mar 2014 04:34:06 +0000 http://barrettdowell.com/kashmira/blog/?p=91#comment-10595 Elise and Erin,

Thanks for writing to me.

My advice to soon-to-be teachers would be to make learning infectious by showing your passion and enthusiasm for the subject you are teaching. If you love a book, hand it to a child who you think might enjoy it. Chances are she would love it and will always remember who recommended it. Even if she doesn’t enjoy it she will appreciate your taking time to do so.

I do not choose illustrator. My publisher (the art director and my editor) suggests some illustrator and asks me if I have any recommendations. Even though I have some say in the process, the final decision is made by my publisher.

I wanted to write for children because after reading many books with my children. I also wanted to share my stories with my children as well as other children.

Like most of the writers I use my personal experiences in my book. They may be molded and change shape but the core ingredient (the emotional resonance) come from my own experiences.

I don’t have any answers to your last questions. I have not thought about a question that I want people to ask me.