Sunshine, a critical tool for writers?

We have had more than our share of dreary, cold, and wet spring days in Wisconsin. Everyone I met, family, friends, people at the grocery store, fellow gym goer—they all mentioned how they were tired of this soggy mess. I agreed with them completely.
It downed on me that it might be the reason I have done so little “new” writing in the past few days. Sure, I have worked on the stories I have already written. I have tweaked a few that didn’t need any tweaking and probably made them worse but I haven’t written brand new material on a complete blank computer screen.
It made me think that more than anything we writers, who sit in one corner and face a blank pages or a computer screen, need is that bright sunshine to flood our brain cells with intellect and ideas.
I would love to know how sunlight has any effect or not on your mood and/or creativity.

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2 Responses to Sunshine, a critical tool for writers?

  1. Wendy says:

    Definitely the sunlight sparks my energy and therefore creativity. I find that even getting outside on those dreary days gives a bit of a boost, though sunny days do far more boosting.

  2. kashmira says:

    Glad to hear that you feel that way, Wendy. I hope you get many more sunny days!

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