Monsoon Afternoon

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers; (2008)

Monsoon Afternoon by Kashmira Sheth

It is monsoon season in India. Outside, dark clouds roll in and the rain starts to fall. As animals scatter to find cover, a young boy and his dadaji (grandfather) head out into the rainy weather. The two sail paper boats. They watch the peacocks dance in the rain, just as the colorful birds did when Dadaji was a boy. They pick mangoes and Dadaji lifts up his grandson so he can swing on the roots of the banyan tree, just as Dadaji did when he was young. Finally, when the two return home, hot tea and a loving family are waiting.

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The Bank Street College of Education: As in their lovely collaboration, My Dadima Wears a Sari, Sheth's story and Jaeggi's paintings perfectly capture a loving relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. It is the start of monsoon season, and a young Indian boy looks in vain for a playmate - until he encounters his Dadaji, elderly, but still ready to play. Together, they make paper boats and sail them in the washtub, take a walk through the wet afternoon, and swing in the banyan tree. They even get in trouble together after tracking mud into the house. (Sheepish, they clean up the mess together.) This is a lovely introduction to an important facet of life in India as well as a loving tribute to family connections. Ages 5-8.

"Children of all backgrounds will easily recognize both the boy's delight in the dramatic rainstorm and the warm intergenerational relationship." —Booklist

"This is a story grandparents and grandchildren are likely to read together again and again." —Bloomsbury Review

"...its beautiful watercolor art show the affection between a boy and his grandfather and capture the flavor of life in India." —Virginian-Pilot

"...soft watercolors underscore the warm relationship between generations...This beautiful and atmospheric picture book makes a great addition for all multicultural collections." —School Library Journal

"...speaks to the unique bond between generations in every culture." —Atlanta Parent

"The author evokes [the] magical world of her childhood in India..." —Smithsonian Magazine Online

"...her watercolors are engaging and add to the impact of the prose... Children who haven't encountered the monsoons will get an idea of the season's pleasures, and those who have will revel in the memories this book conjures." —India Currents Magazine

"...children everywhere will recognize the pull of the rain and mud and the desire for connection with their families." —Library Media Connection

"...Jaeggi's soft, expressive watercolors are a perfect complement to Sheth's evocative text, and offer a wealth of cultural details..." —, * BOOK OF THE MONTH REVIEW *

"...vividly descriptive..." —New York Amsterdam News

"...a luscious journey into the life of a young boy living in modern India." —University of Arizona: World of Words

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Awards, Honors, Prizes
  • Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature (Honor award for picture book) —Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) 2009
  • Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People —NCSS/CBC 2009
  • CCBC Choices: 2009
  • Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2008
  • Burr/Worzalla Outstanding Books — Wisconsin Library Association 2009
  • Read On Wisconsin! (Selected for preschool group) 2010


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